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Monday, August 21, 2006

misinformation is weapon of mass destruction

Guantanamo leaves a hole in my heart. How angry the island spirits must be....Batista and his dirty deeds, los gringos and their killing machine vying for control of the island for over 50 years, mi hermano Fidel and his occassionally misled tactics, and now...Guantanamo. I saw the film Road to Guantanamo at the Sarajevo Film Festival. It would make any gringo feel as shameful and guilty as a German in 1950 may have felt. My heart sank thinking of the inhumanity. But what worries me more is that this biting dog is scared - terrified even, and how long will these rabies ridden indignations continue to go on?

Alongside this horrificly violent fear that los gringos have is totally contempt for everything they claim to stand for - where is the freedom, human rights, due process? There is none. What happened to these three young men from Tipton, England is not only a crime against humanity - it is a scar on the face of America that will never heal. If these types of things happened to Americans anywhere in the world under similar circumstances, the bombs would certainly be dropping. The call to war would be heard from both poles.

I'm afraid history will catch up with you, all my good hermanos and hermanas en los estados unidos. Many Africans say that 'one pays for the violence of our ancestors.' If this holds true, los gringos are up for a rude awakening. Watch 'Road to Guantanamo', listen with an open mind to what these brothers went through - and what is being done in your name and the name of freedom gringos.


Blogger juancho said...

Absolutely, but Fidel is still a rotten motherf*cker too.

5:22 PM


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