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Monday, August 14, 2006

it's a funny world

My blog has remained empty for some time. Although much has happened between then and now, i hadn't the energy to muster. I seemed to have mustered a bit - let's see what we come up with. Hermano Fidel is recovering in Havana...with Commandante Chavez at his side. One can feel the slimy drool oozing from the white house and south florida hoping that the end is near. He's outlived 9 yankee presidents and 643 assasination attempts. Que incredible! The world has greater problems though then Fidel and his intestinal surgery.

The UN, bless their hearts, has conjured up yet another resolution to stop the madness in Lebanon. Let's hope the resolutions are more resolute than the Bosnian conflict. Each and every resolution for 3 years were completely ignored - and they sent a peace keeping force with no peace to keep. I dred that the anxious brothers and sisters in Lebanon have packed and headed back south before a true peace settlement can be reached. One breach of the cease fire and southern Lebanon once again goes up in flames -this time with a tremendous amount of civilians trying to find their way back home.

I wonder which multi-national corporation in los estados unidos has begun manufacturing clear zipper hand bags. Its only a matter of time before the capitalist dreamers kick into action and begin producing 'Homeland Security' approved see-thru bags so that no freedom hating Muslim can carry coca-cola bombs to kill your democracy and love for freedom. I can't help but think, 'who created the clear fluid explosive technology?' My guess is that it would be the same country that created the Taleban and trained Bin Laden. But hell, i'm just a loco socialist waiting for an evolution of revolution to happen. It's a funny world. Hasta la victoria.


Blogger Bushyhead Galore said...

che, your back. what about your budy bushy, I think he is still waiting for an email!!! Damp. Hope you are well.

11:09 AM

Blogger che said...

i wrote you one fuck nuts....check again. I was wondering why you didn't write me. check out a cool site i found...adventures.yahoo.com

1:08 PM

Blogger Bushyhead Galore said...

I like the glasses dick!! I also like the StarBucks commercials between sets.

1:51 PM

Blogger Bushyhead Galore said...

Nice river hat, jackass!!

1:57 PM

Blogger Bushyhead Galore said...

Well che, all sarcasm aside, I am very impressed. I will have to read more now that I have watched all the videos. Nicely done. Did you find me a job yet?

Resend that email cuase I DIDN'T GET IT.

Posdravi sve. Ciao bao.


2:11 PM

Blogger juancho said...

Excellent expozay Che. btw, Your little bro has been mr. steadfast for me through the funeral season, soprops to scoop yo. I have to ask though, isn't "Dick Bangs" a gay porn empresario?

6:04 PM

Blogger che said...

Juancho...i think dick bangs could be! You crack me up...i love burst out laughing from reading something. how goes it mi amigo. I´m glad scoop was there for ya, he´s a solid companeros -- loyal as a chiapan peasant.

Bushy...why are you so damp. and if your ready - which i doubt - then the revolution has begun, talk to me if you want to come back...but this time you gotta wipe your self off before getting off the plane - no more grease dirt ball, take a fucking shower - and stop leaving pubes in the bathtub.

12:06 PM

Blogger eazyrider74 said...

Gracias Juancho for the props. Nice to read a new blog che

4:33 PM

Blogger che said...

wuz up hermano eazy...glad to see your still pokin around.

1:13 AM


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