'A modern day journey through the wild western Balkans'

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

bah-bah blacksheep

It's election time in Bosnia. Do politicians really think we're that dumb? Or are we really just that, dumb as they cumb? I tend to lean towards the latter. The vast array of corrupt, incompetent, hyper-inflated male egos with major overdoses of testosterone have all turned into reasonable, calm, and righteous individuals. They have diligently and selflessly served us over the past four years and now emerge from the dense forest of their sacrificial works to let us know what more they have in store for us. And boy oh boy do we rally to the war cries. The nationalist parties, leading this unworthy pack sometimes called the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, once again plunge us into a world of fear and tribal alliances. Even the 'alternative' and 'indepedent' socialist from the RS, Milorad Dodik, reems off hard-core rhetoric that would make even Europe's most christian right blush.

And the flocks start to bah. Bah-ing resonates from every cafe and office - who is the thief? who is the most honourable? whose cousins uncles friend heard from the bodyguard of the sister who's married to the nephew of the mayors father-in-law that the international community already rigged the elections with computer counting shipped in from Florida because Bush had a secret meeting with the nationalist parties to ensure that they retain their thrones in turn for shushing about the 6 Bosnians in Guantanamo Bay kidnapped on bogus terrorist accusations.

The young...still in trances from a ten coffee, 40 cigarette daily diet winge the same whine - "it all sucks! They're all theives! There is nothing we can do! When are they going to change things! Poor us! Poor me!..by the way, how much did you pay for your Gucci?"

Oh the apathy, oh the conspiracy theories, oh the stupidity of the masses. We repeat this ritual over and over...and fear always forces the hand to not vote for a change. It's election time in Bosnia. Oh, the horror!....the horror!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

is august summer anymore?

I never considered myself to be old, especially considering the grand picture of things. Lately, though, i have been noticing that i am witnessing a transformation that feels as if its excelerating at a rather startling rate. Its August, at least for another five days. Its also 16 degrees outside, and feels more like a crisp and rainy autumn day than it does a sweltering summer one.

The Sarajevo Film Festival seems to be my new measure. This year is the twelfth year of the festival. I think i have been visiting the festival since 1997. Although i prefer the regional competition and the documentary program called 'panorama', there is just something charming about sitting in an open air theatre to watch a good film with 2,500 other people. If my memory serves me, the festival - always at this time of August, sees nippy nights and ritual thunder and rain storms. This year is no exception, with quite a few cool and windy evenings and several rainouts. My hot memories of almost every August of my life are fading.

Sarajevo is tucked in a small valley and surrounded by 2,000m plus mountains in three directions, so just a day or two of cloud cover can drop the temperature 15-20 degrees Celcius. Its now become normal for cold and hard rains to fall for the festival, as if summer has been hijacked by July, and sometimes even June. The BBC just reported on early Springs...but i've yet to hear about early autumn, or is that just automatically assumed the early springs bring early autumns?

Regradless, it seems in my short lifetime that weather patterns are changing. And for a thirty something, it somehow concerns me how aware i am of the changes and how rapid they seem to be approaching. It would be comforting to know that I am exaggerating...or even just imaging these things. But my gut tells me otherwise. I no longer put my light jumpers away for the summer. They are an active part of my wardrobe.

I guess we'll be seeing more rainy festivals in sarajevo as august slowly leaves the throne as summer centerpiece...and steadily joins ranks with the changing of the leaves.

Monday, August 21, 2006

misinformation is weapon of mass destruction

Guantanamo leaves a hole in my heart. How angry the island spirits must be....Batista and his dirty deeds, los gringos and their killing machine vying for control of the island for over 50 years, mi hermano Fidel and his occassionally misled tactics, and now...Guantanamo. I saw the film Road to Guantanamo at the Sarajevo Film Festival. It would make any gringo feel as shameful and guilty as a German in 1950 may have felt. My heart sank thinking of the inhumanity. But what worries me more is that this biting dog is scared - terrified even, and how long will these rabies ridden indignations continue to go on?

Alongside this horrificly violent fear that los gringos have is totally contempt for everything they claim to stand for - where is the freedom, human rights, due process? There is none. What happened to these three young men from Tipton, England is not only a crime against humanity - it is a scar on the face of America that will never heal. If these types of things happened to Americans anywhere in the world under similar circumstances, the bombs would certainly be dropping. The call to war would be heard from both poles.

I'm afraid history will catch up with you, all my good hermanos and hermanas en los estados unidos. Many Africans say that 'one pays for the violence of our ancestors.' If this holds true, los gringos are up for a rude awakening. Watch 'Road to Guantanamo', listen with an open mind to what these brothers went through - and what is being done in your name and the name of freedom gringos.

Monday, August 14, 2006

it's a funny world

My blog has remained empty for some time. Although much has happened between then and now, i hadn't the energy to muster. I seemed to have mustered a bit - let's see what we come up with. Hermano Fidel is recovering in Havana...with Commandante Chavez at his side. One can feel the slimy drool oozing from the white house and south florida hoping that the end is near. He's outlived 9 yankee presidents and 643 assasination attempts. Que incredible! The world has greater problems though then Fidel and his intestinal surgery.

The UN, bless their hearts, has conjured up yet another resolution to stop the madness in Lebanon. Let's hope the resolutions are more resolute than the Bosnian conflict. Each and every resolution for 3 years were completely ignored - and they sent a peace keeping force with no peace to keep. I dred that the anxious brothers and sisters in Lebanon have packed and headed back south before a true peace settlement can be reached. One breach of the cease fire and southern Lebanon once again goes up in flames -this time with a tremendous amount of civilians trying to find their way back home.

I wonder which multi-national corporation in los estados unidos has begun manufacturing clear zipper hand bags. Its only a matter of time before the capitalist dreamers kick into action and begin producing 'Homeland Security' approved see-thru bags so that no freedom hating Muslim can carry coca-cola bombs to kill your democracy and love for freedom. I can't help but think, 'who created the clear fluid explosive technology?' My guess is that it would be the same country that created the Taleban and trained Bin Laden. But hell, i'm just a loco socialist waiting for an evolution of revolution to happen. It's a funny world. Hasta la victoria.